Romanian Traffic Police Capture Speeders with LTI's TruCAM

by admin 20. September 2016 14:18

Early September on a Thursday night, drivers in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, were checked for speeding and other traffic violations. Police officers used Laser Technology's TruCAM to calculate the speed of drivers on the streets along with an infrared system that eliminates the glare of headlights which makes license plates readable at night.

Officer Enforcing Speed Limit with LTI's TruCAM
Photo: Romania / Autor: Iulian Tudor

The TruCAM is a photo / video speed enforcement tool that not only measures speed, but can calculate time and distance between vehicles - all while providing a high-resolution image that identifies the vehicle's make, model and license plate number.

The most widely used tool used in the world today to capture speed and tailgating violators, the TruCAM laser can measure the speed of a vehicle in 0.33 seconds.

Over 3,000 people die annually in road accidents in Romania, with most of these fatalities caused by speeding. This fact has become a cause for concern, which prompted the speed check to be held. There are more speed checks pending in the next few weeks.

Thursday night's check showed most fines were for speeding and dozens of drivers were penalized or remained without a driving license. Ovidiu Muntean, Traffic Police Brigade Capital states, "Three drivers remained without driving for speeding on the road and 35 other drivers were penalized."

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