Distracted Driving A Growing Problem on Colorado Highways

by admin 9. May 2017 13:29

One of the biggest problems happening on Colorado's busy highways today is distracted driving. Officers state that this is a problem that has gotten out of control. In an recent interview with Channel 9 News - KUSA, Special Operations Commander Eric Schmit states, "Almost at any time in Colorado you can look over to the person next to you and see them operating some kind of electronic device". He further states that driving I-25 (one of the busiest corridors in Colorado) probably 6-8 accidents will happen during rush hour traffic. Most of these accidents would be preventable as at least half of them will be due to texting and talking on cell phones while driving.

Colorado's DOT conducted a study recently on distracted driving and many folks readily admitted to texting or talking on the phone while driving. It is a well known statistic that drivers who are distracted are about 4 times more likely to be involved in crashes that those who are focused on driving. See LTI's Distracted Driving page for some key distracted driving facts and statistics.

So what is being done to help solve this problem? To start with police officers are using Laser Technology's TruSpeed Sxb speed measurement and mapping laser to help them catch these distracted driving violators on Colorado's Highways. The Sxb laser not only can measure the speed of the moving vehicle but also capture picture of the vehicle and the offending driver. This laser allows officers to get an undisputable picture showing the driver using their electronic devices, thus violating distracted driving rules of the state.

Law enforcement officers say that people in Colorado just don't seem to care about the law or the consequences and are more focused on their screens than their driving while on the highways. That might soon change as currently the State of Colorado has a texting and driving bill on the table which will make drivers face harsher penalties. If passed, distracted driving offenders will be fined $300 and receive 4 points on their license. This might make Colorado drivers become a little more motivated and care a bit more about texting while driving.

Watch the news video below with Jessica Oh, KUSA, reporting on this issue.

Distracted Driving - News Cast Video by KUSA - March 13, 2017.

Distracted Driving has become a huge concern worldwide and is one of the leading causes of accidents on all of our highways. Laser Technology has been committed for over 30 years to helping keep these roadways safe, one measurement at a time.

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