Drone Mapping: Aerial and Ground Measurements

by TNyland 14. February 2019 11:26

The rapid advancement and multiplying options have drastically reduced the cost of drones, shifting business models for a variety of industries. The number of public safety agencies acquiring drones has risen by 82% in the last year alone. Drones and lasers are transforming the way investigators collect their data on scene and are rapidly becoming one of the most invaluable tools for investigators who are tasked with accurate crash, crime, and fire analysis.

Drones provide many benefits to crash, crime, and fire investigators, and while there is a cool and fun element to flying a drone there are extensive rules, regulations, and certifications that need to be completed before one is able to fly their drone high in the sky and take their investigative skills to the next level.

Laser Technology, Inc's. (LTI) second's Crash, Crime, and Fire Investigators Webinar Series revolved around drone mapping and the requirements to legally fly your drone. Part two of this webinar series took place on February 5, 2019 that hosted over 200 live attendees!

LTI asked industry experts and certified trainers Mike Allard [Forensic Diagram], David Rineholt [Collision Technologies], and Matt Hewko [Technical Mapping, Inc.], to dedicate an hour of their time to review hardware and software options, flight patterns and photographic techniques, regulations and certifications, and how to rend the data for drone and laser mapping. The intent was to provide a foundation for investigators to help them understand and integrate drone and laser mapping solutions into their toolbox.

You can download the PowerPoint slides here or by clicking on the presentation image below.


Recorded February 5, 2019 - Drones Laser Mapping Webinar by Laser Technology, Inc.

In addition to learning how to enhance their mapping toolkits, attendees also qualified to receive one continuing education credit through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). If you are looking to gain a competitive edge in today's mapping technology, check out the rest of the webinar series below.

While you will not be approved for an ACTAR CEU credit, you can still gain valuable information by watching LTI's recording of Drone Mapping: Aerial and Ground Measurements webinar!

Check out the upcoming webinars in 2019. Again, all attendees are qualified for 1 CEU credit through ACTAR, per webinar. Must be present during the live presentation to qualify.

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