Detailed Vehicle Profile Crush Measurements Webinar

by MDalton 3. July 2020 08:20

Detailed Vehicle Profile Crush Measurements Webinar
Date: Thursday July 9, 2020
Time: 10 am MDT
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Crash reconstruction methods based on crush or energy analysis are a valuable tool for identifying an object's speed. By focusing on the scientific process to quantify energy, reconstructionists determine the required amount of energy needed to cause the vehicle damage in question.

Crush analysis can be a time-consuming process. Rich will demonstrate how to reduce your analysis time while achieving the high accuracy data needed for your reports. Vinny will discuss LTI's TruPoint™ 300, a highly accurate and easy to use laser measurement tool.

Rich Maxwell served as a Municipal Police Officer in New Jersey for 27 years, retiring as a Sergeant in 2011 from the Colts Neck Township Police Department. He has been a Crash Reconstructionist for more than 30 years. During Maxwell's career as an officer, he was assigned to various duties involving patrol, investigations, supervision, traffic safety, and training. Rick co-developed and coordinated the countrywide fatal crash investigation team for Monmouth County, NJ serving as one of its team leaders for more than 14 years.


Detailed Vehicle Profile Crush Measurements Webinar
Recorded on July 9, 2020


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