LTI COVID-19 Plan of Action

by admin 19. March 2020 11:01

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) supports all who are on the front lines throughout the world: the officers who work to keep our roads safe, the linemen who make sure our lights stay on, and all those who use our products to work efficiently and get their jobs done safely.

Along with the rest of the world, we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak. During this ambiguous time, we remain committed to keeping our employees, their families, our community, and partners safe, while being incompliance with CDC and WHO guidelines to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

How LTI Is Helping Slow the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus and Flatten the Curve

  • While our production and service operations are still up and running, we are transitioning to dual shifts and shorter hours to reduce the number of employees in the facility. We will continue to produce, take, and fulfill orders.
  • In compliance with Colorado state mandate, our front doors will be locked to all visitors. Our main phone line is set to dial directly to a name or extension option. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  • Please ship any items that require servicing to our office. We are not accepting drop-offs at this time.
  • All employees who are able are working remotely from their homes through April 17, 2020.
  • Our entire facility has increased safety precautions (i.e. washing hands frequently, daily cleaning and disinfecting work areas, limiting the number of people in the facility, and practicing social distancing).
  • As with any evolving situation, our plan of action can quickly become outdated, and we are re-evaluating our procedures as the situation requires.
  • Our regional sales managers are ready to provide individual support
  • Our product managers and trainers are ready to provide customized webinars and virtual trainings

Keep up to date on the most current information here:

Center for Disease Control (CDC)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Contact LTI

Read LTI's Press Release: Laser Technology's Response to COVID-19


Last updated on March 30, 2020.



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LTI New Service, Training & Certification Center Opens in Ireland

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LTI Opens Worldwide Service Center in Ireland.

Laser Technology, Inc. has now opened a new worldwide center in Ireland that will provide training, certification and serviceability for most of our laser measurement products.

Customers will now have a choice and be able to select the most convenient location for them to get the training they need on their new products or to be trained on the serviceability of their product. Products that need to be serviced can be sent to the closest service center be it North America or Ireland, providing a more efficient and cost effective process for our customers.

Located in Kildare Town in the Republic of Ireland, the new center will mainly support Europe, Middle East and Africa. Laser Technology, Inc. customers should contact their local dealer or sales representative for appointments and schedules.

For more information including complete service coverage, please see LTI's press release Laser Technology, Inc. Opens New Global Service, Training and Certification Center in Ireland.

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It was time for a change, time to bring Laser Technology's (LTI) sales and marketing processes up to speed with the rest of our state-of-the-art technology. Being the world leader in laser speed measurement, keeps LTI busy enough without having to be dealing with paper trails, emails and phone calls. Moving to Oracle Sales Cloud has done just that. It has opened up a new level of efficiency not only with the sales team but throughout the entire company. More...

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