Laser Tech Introduces New Facebook Live Podcast: Tuesdays at 2:00

by TNyland 9. November 2020 08:54

The sudden shift of how we work has cultivated a path for businesses to devise new ways to connect with people during this pandemic. Recently, Laser Tech has not only changed their logo and creative style, their marketing team has been working on new ways to interact digitally with people by curating a weekly podcast broadcasted through Facebook Live: Tuesdays at 2:00 (MST).

"The Tuesdays at 2:00 podcast checked off a number of boxes for us, from a marketing perspective. These short segments give us a live forum to interact with our business partners and customers. During a time when we can’t meet face-to-face, this presents an opportunity to humanize our company, and keep us on the minds of the people we do business with.

As we shift to digital interaction for sales and support, this provides a great way to create some evergreen content that can be re-used in other contexts – especially the episodes where we tackle frequently asked questions and specific applications for our lasers. I look forward to branching out and talking with our salespeople and their end users; specifically, to hear about and celebrate project wins in the field," stated Jaye Cottrill, Laser Tech's Global Marketing Communications Manager.

Laser Tech's Tuesdays at 2:00 podcast discusses various topics that relate to one of their three divisions - Professional Measurement, Industrial Sensors, and Traffic Safety – with a new guest each week. These segments are only 15 minutes, just long enough for a quick coffee break.

Currently, 25 episodes have been recorded:

  • Chapter 1: Meet Jaye, LTI's Global Marketing Communications Manager
  • Chapter 2: Meet Vinny, LTI's Traffic Safety Product Manager
  • Chapter 3: Meet Derrick, LTI's Professional Measurement Product Manager
  • Chapter 4: Officer Barrett, Colombus Police Department - Discussing COVID-19 & Speeding
  • Chapter 5: Mike Lowther, LTI's Operations Manager
  • Chapter 6: Matt Alexander, Vice President of Sales at Anatum GeoMobile Solutions - Discussing GPS, surveying solutions, and LTI Laser Integrations
  • Chapter 7: Kassie Carley & Steve Colburn, LTI's Solutions Product Manager and Applications Training Specialist - Discussing LTI's New App: LaserSoft® WorkSite®
  • Chapter 8: Meet Clint, LTI's Industrial Sensors Product Manager
  • Chapter 9: Meet Jordan Vermillion, LTI's Global Marketing Communications Director
  • Chapter 10: Esri UC - Derrick Reish discusses the first virtual conference, Esri UC
  • Chapter 11: Nick Ackerson, LTI's Director of North America Sales
  • Chapter 12: Crush Analysis
  • Chapter 13: Jay Riester, Seiler Instrument Geospatial Sr. Mapping Technical Support & Trimble Certified MGIS Trainer
  • Chapter 14: LTI History with Mike Phippen
  • Chapter 15: Dave Siddle, Geospatial MGIS Sales Representative at Frontier Precision
  • Chapter 16: Kassie Carley discusses LaserSoft® SpeedStat®
  • Chapter 17: Meet Lori Powles, SPHR-SCP, LTI's Director of HR
  • Chapter 18: Meet Roosevelt Rogers, LTI's Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chapter 19: Derrick Reish & Joe Madej - Discuss Tomorrow's Pole Audit Inspection and Measurement Best Practices Webinar
  • Chapter 20: Meet Travis Emsbach, LTI's Service Manager
  • Chapter 21: Aaron Ducre, Bryan Edstrom, and Nick Ackerson discuss IACP pt. 1
  • Chapter 22: Steven Casstevens, President of IACP
  • Chapter 23: Craig Wright, Kevin Fremont, and Roosevelt Rogers discuss Road Safety
  • Chapter 24: Post IACP with Kassie Carley
  • Chapter 25: Meet Eric Miller, President and COO of LTI

Laser Tech is extremely interested in covering topics that people would like to know more about. If you are interested in submitting a topic request, or would like to be a guest on their podcast please contact:

Jaye Cottrill, Global Marketing Communications Manager


About Laser Technology, Inc.

Laser Technology, Inc. is a Colorado-based manufacturer devoted to the design and manufacture of innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments to address real-world needs and applications, including speed enforcement, incident investigation, forestry, mining, utilities, surveying, and industrial process control. Visit for additional information.


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